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birth Doula


Continuum of Care through prenatal and postnatal journey

Assisted Water Birth
Parents with Newborn Baby

Birth Doula support

postpartum doula support

2 Birth Doulas on call to provide education and support throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.  Both provide visits, education, support, and then one will attend your birth; and the other will serve as a familiar backup doula should a need arise

Our Postpartum Doula will provide 12 hours of postpartum care based upon a mutually convenient schedule.

Mother Baby Bonding

lactation support service

As your Board Certified Lactation Consultant I will offer you an in-office Prenatal Consult and then Postnatal lactation visit with you at home twice to support you and your baby.

Relaxing Massage

Massage Therapy service

Our Licensed Massage Therapist will provide a relaxation massage for your partner, a prenatal or a labor massage for you and then a postnatal massage for you.

Cost of package: $2,000.00

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