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testimonials from our Clients 

we take pride and joy in what we do, so we love hearing special personal words from you!

"Jacqueline was an invaluable part of our labor team. Somehow, she was always right where we needed her to be, even when we didn't know what we needed. Her calm, reassuring, positive spirit was a steady comfort from the moment we asked her to be our doula. She guided us through an emotionally challenging pregnancy, a physically exhausting labor and delivery (29 hours!), and a rocky start to breastfeeding. We couldn't have done it without her!"


"Having Jacqueline as my doula was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Being a first time mom, I was apprehensive about labor and childbirth and had lots of questions. She was an amazing resource and was helpful every step of the way. I had a very long labor and Jacqueline stayed by my side the whole time, reminding me of relaxation techniques, answering questions as they arose, and was a calming presence throughout. My husband was grateful she was there and was reassured by her vast knowledge of the process of labor and birth. Her assistance as a lactation consultant was equally invaluable as I was learning to breastfeed in those first days and weeks. I felt like a V.I.P. with her one-on-one focused care and attention through the last weeks of my pregnancy, during the many hours I labored, and in the first weeks of being a new mom. She really helped me, my husband and my baby get off to the absolute

best start possible!"


"Zeriah was my Doula! And Trust me she is the best! We ended up moving and she still was on the phone while i was pushing cheering me on and coaching me while i was crying that i couldn't do it.  Having her was 200% what i needed."

               From Carissa Wishard

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