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lactation support service

Breastfeeding Preparation Class

Practice and planning eases the transition from birth to breast!  This preparation focuses on the actions that mothers can initiate prior to birth, and skills to assist with initial latching and successful breastfeeding.  Support partners are highly encouraged to attend to acquire insight for caring for the breastfeeding couplet.


Prenatal Consultation

Review pump set up, breastfeeding basics.  This consult prepares you for initial breastfeeding after birth and for the first week at home.


Office Lactation Visits

This 60 minute consult addresses specific breastfeeding concerns.


First Home Consultation

Birthing your baby is Done!  Now refine the basic breastfeeding information to increase comfort, perfect latch, and manage supply.  This consult averages a bit over 60 minutes.


Nursing Newborn
Breast Milk Pump
Latch Checks/Flange Fit Checks

A brief 30 minutes session addressing latch and basic pump flange fit. Mothers are supported in improving a deep and effective latch and explore positioning options. Breastfeeding concerns other than latch and or flange fit are then referred to a full lactation consult. 


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