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Birth Doula Services

Traditional Care for $1200

Assisted Water Birth

Our Doula Care includes 2 Birth Doulas for labor support, 4 prenatal visits where you and your partner will learn the necessary childbirth preparation information and tools such as the best Comfort Measures to help support the laboring mom, Breastfeeding information from a lactation professional, and an opportunity to attend workshops that will allow you to prepare for your newborn baby and familiar backup.


After the birth of your baby, one postpartum visit will be provided to help you transition into being home with baby, two breastfeeding support visits are available to you during the first two weeks of your baby’s life. 

Purchase separately additional services that you deem necessary Additional breastfeeding support may be provided per your request for consultation.

Doula-In-Training Low Charge (Usually less than $400)

Birth Doulas have completed their education and seek births with evaluations from the family and healthcare providers to submit towards their certification requirements.


Choosing this option Provides only one doula to attend your birth.

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